Fizikl (fiz-i-kuh-l) is developing an autonomous inventory counting program, streaming images from cameras on drones autonomously flying in indoor warehouses to artificial intelligence to ID and to continuously cycle count items in inventory.

Emerging Technologies

Autonomous Platforms

autonomous vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Automated Guided Vehicles


Indoor Navigation System


RFID and Barcode

Cameras and Scanners

Computer Vision

Convergence Technology

Fizikl couples existing technologies to automate the inventory counting process in a proprietary way. 

Autonomous Platform

autonomous vehicles

Unmanned Vehicles

UAVs (Drones) or ground robots allow us to position high resolution cameras, depth cameras, and other sensors in the optimal location for capturing data. We can create 3D object models that allow our “brain” to classify, ID, or be used for manual counting by offshore human intelligence where needed.


Indoor Navigation

Our proprietary indoor navigation system enables precise, stable and accurate navigation of autonomous platforms in the indoor environment where GPS is not available. Each customer warehouse is mapped during the onboarding process, and updated in real-time to avoid new or moving obstacles.

unmanned aerial vehicle

Computer Vision and Software

We maintain a database in the cloud that contains pallet, case and SKU data including description, weight, and dimensions. We fuse inputs from bin scales, RFID tags, RGB cameras, 3D models to train computer visio to recognize labels, boxes, pallets, and other standard items. As each customer is onboarded the training set improves further.

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